Give The Gift Of Experience Vs. Stuff - List Of Gift Ideas That DON'T Add To Clutter

            The holidays are quickly approaching. They are going creep up on us as they always do. This year is your year to have an organized holiday season. Yay, it’s the season to be jolly!!! Not when you are completely surrounded by clutter and chaos, though...

             This holiday season we want to teach you how to simplify your gift giving strategies.  The intentions of the gift giver are good but often lead to more stress for you and the gift receiver. 79 percent of the U.S. population, and 89 percent of millennials, say they never use most of the gifts they receive each year. On average, more than one in four gifts go unused! -Sparefoot. Don't be that person running around like a headless chicken at the mall the day before Christmas, searching for material objects to give to people that they won’t even use. This holiday, start giving the people you love experiences instead of objects. 81 percent of Americans would rather receive experience-based gifts — like concert tickets, yoga classes, a restaurant gift certificate, or even a museum membership. -Sparefoot These gifts are typically appreciated, much more than a traditional gift of a sweater or some awesome socks. 91 percent of Americans have kept an item because they felt guilty getting rid of it- and 57 percent of those items were gifts!

              In a world where we are all drowning with stuff, we have our own issues with clutter and organization. It's all because of  our "stuff", which leads to clutter, which then leads to stress, frustration, and health issues and mental issues. Our kids are even growing up with clutter. Kids now have so many toys it's not even funny- yet they don't play with any of them!! But think about it...we give them a cardboard box and it's game on! The U.S. has 3.1% of the world’s children, but consumes 40% of the world’s toys. - UCTV. That's a ridiculous amount of toys. Toys that end up getting played with once and then thrown to the side to collect dust...

              Let's start minimizing clutter by giving better gifts of experiences rather than objects.  Here are some great experience gift ideas for the holidays. Trust me- you will be the hit of the holiday season simply by eliminating the trip to the mall to return unwanted gifts this holiday season. Here's a list of experiences that you can give as holiday gifts, separated by kids and adults experiences!

Kids Experience Gifts

                                        Music Lessons                                        

Ninja Class

Gymnastic Class

Gift Certificate to an Aquarium

Gift Certificate to  a Zoo

Movie Tickets

Ice Skating Passes

Museum Passes

Swim Lessons

Surf Lessons

Go Karting

Mini golf

Art Class

Plaster Fun Craft



Bath Bombs for the tub (lush has great choices for fun kids bathing supplies)


Add money to a 529 or college savings account

Adults Experience Gifts

Cooking Class

Painting Class

Movie Tickets

Show Tickets

Concert Tickets

Spa Day Or Mani/Pedi Gift Certificate


Comedy Club Tickets

Wine Tasting



Paint Night


Plant Or Herbs


Restaurant Gift Certificate


Bath Bombs (to use in the tub, Lush has great stuff)

Psychic Trip or tarot card reading

Monthly subscriptions (Flowers, magazines,Birchbox ,Scentsy)

Take a family trip

Gift Card To For A Cleaning Service

Gift Card For a Professional Organizer

Gift Card For a Photo Scanner- Have all of your photos scanned into a drive


** If there is something that you would like to add to the list, please message us!