Organizing With Kids

How To Organize Kids Toys


As parents we need to help keep our kids toys under control and teach them good habits.  We seem to be smothering our children in toys and making excuses as to why they need them all.  
Here’s the thing...all these toys, they are drowning in them!  

If you can’t get control of that playroom and have toys all around your home.  Try these tips, it will help you get your control back and your children will thank you.


Confine the toys to just one area in the home.  I’m not saying they can’t play with toys in different areas, just make sure they go back to the toy area when they are done. Try to avoid their bedroom for toys, bedrooms should be for sleeping and reading books.


Once you have the toys from all around the house, it’s time to SORT THEM OUT.  

This for some is going to be the challenging part however, it will let you see what toys are missing parts and how many you have doubles of.  You can use little bins to make it easier.

Some toy categories you can use:

Dress Up


Kitchen Food

Arts & Crafts






Doctor Supplies

Peppa Pig

Doc Mcstuffins

Etc (You get the idea)


PURGING (which means disposing of: donating, recycling or garbaging 60% of the toys that are stacked to your ceiling right now).

First get rid of the toys that are broken or missing parts. Get rid of any toys that are not age appropriate for your child. Once those are gone, look at the toys they don’t play with.

Based on a rigorous 9 year research project at UCLA they found that  “America has 3.1% of the world’s children but buys 40% of the world’s toys.” (

There are so many families that cannot afford any toys and many organizations who will gladly pick them up.  Less toys are going to give your kids more joy and greatly benefit them in the long run. In a year from now your child is not going to remember the newest toy you bought for them but they will remember the time you spent with them.  


Step 4

Assigning containers & homes

The rest of the toys can be put in bins/baskets according to their category.  Get the appropriate containers that will fit the toy categories. Try to keep all the toys separated and together by toy and category. Each bin should be labeled with not only the name but also a photo.  This will allow children of all ages to understand and participate in the organizing process.

Put more of the toys out of reach or away where the kids can’t see them or don’t know what they are. Leave 1-4 bins out at a time so they can really enjoy what they’re playing with.  The rest of the toys will be rotated when you think it is appropriate.  I suggest every 1-3 months.  Put the toys they have been playing with away and bring out 1-4 new bins of toys you have been storing.  Easy peasy and it’s like Christmas for them.  This will allow you to control the toys instead of the toys controlling you.

If your kids are having a hard time cleaning up. Start with one bin of toys or one small toy.  Keep telling your child if they clean up the toy and put it back where it belongs that they can have another toy/bin.  PARENTS NEED TO STICK TO THIS....IT WORKS.  Your children will quickly learn when they can clean up and RESPECT their toys, they will be able to play with more. Slowly allow your children to have more toys at once as soon as they show they can clean up and respect the toys you give them.

Parents I promise that this method works. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the material things. Rewarding children by material things until they have everything under the moon is not the answer. It will only make your lives overwhelming, cluttered and messy.  Life is about more than just stuff!

*Here are some suggested products for this project. Buying extra bins will allow you to switch them out when it comes time to rotate the toys.  There's two options for the bins depending on your style.