Spring Cleaning, Organizing Edition: Your Living Room!


Hey, everyone! We’re back at it this week with another spring cleaning, organizing edition blog- this time, we’re focusing on living rooms. Aka, the one place where it seems like everything is happening at once- family gatherings, playtime, movie night, eating...the list goes on. This makes living rooms sliiiightly more difficult to organize, but it all comes down to how YOU (and your family, if applicable) prioritize the space!

This blog will be organized into a few separate sections- steps, rather than areas of the living room, the way that I did with the other blogs. Everyone has differently outlined living rooms with different amounts of storage, while other rooms (such as bedrooms and bathrooms) tend to be rather similar to one another. BUT, without further ado…

  1. Declutter! This is a fairly obvious one- how can you start to organize what you need without getting rid of what you don't need first? Skim through your living room and purge, purge, purge. Collect items that don't contribute to your daily life- old mail, old magazines, broken toys, decor that ya never really loved, etc. Try to minimize the amount of "stuff" that you have before tackling anything else. A good way to do this is by having two bags (or bins)- one for donations, and one for garbage. If something is still in good enough condition, donate it- if something is clearly garbage, trash it! Try your absolute best not to hold onto things with the thought process of "maybe one day, I'll need this...". Most things are easily replaceable, if it were to ever even come to that- don't hold onto it if you're not using it!
  2. Re-Room! I have no clue if this is even a real term, but...re-room things! Anything that doesn't belong in your living room, whether it's stray clothing, toys that belong in the playroom, etc...put them back in their "homes", where they belong. We want to keep everything that's meant to be in the living room, in it, and remove anything that isn't.
  3. Separate! Now that you have everything you're going to keep in one space, separate like items. Put all the remotes into one pile, all the magazines into another pile...etc. Separate them so that they're easy to see, and allow yourself to envision places where you'd like these items to go- places where you can easily access them: functional places.
  4. Straighten up! Straightening up might seem like common sense, but...oftentimes it isn't. You can have an organized living room, but it can appear messy and disorganized if anything is askew- whether it's a messy throw blanket, a messy DVD/bookshelf, or anything of the sort. Straighten up the simple areas and see what a huge difference it makes- this also allows us to proceed to the next step with ease, since we'll be able to assess how much storage space we can utilize for anything that is missing a "home".
  5. Create HOMES! This is the best part of the entire project, in my opinion, because you get to basically be the designer of your own living room. There will likely be items that will need some storage spaces- photos, magazines, mail, treats (some of us like to keep candies on our coffee tables), and so on and so forth. First, I'd recommend creating homes for things that might not require actual storage items, such as your remotes. Find one spot on your coffee table or end table and make a conscious decision to keep your remotes there at all times. This will help prevent losing your remotes all the time, and will allow you easy access to them whilst watching TV. Once you've "homed" similar items of the sort, reassess your space- what needs storage, and where can you create said storage? We oftentimes need storage for things like loose family photos, magazines, and mail. We recommend getting a photo storage bin for storing your family photos, and then placing the bin either inside of a bookshelf of underneath a coffee table/end table. Better yet, if you'd like to keep your living room free from ANY excess clutter, try to place the photo bin(s) into your attic or basement, alongside similar items. For magazines, we recommend trying a magazine holder and keeping it next to your couch/recliner so that you can easily pull out and read one whenever you'd like to. Tip: try not to get a basket for your magazine that is too large, as this may cause you to hold onto old magazines and create more clutter. For mail, we strongly recommend getting a small garbage bin and keeping it near your front door (which tends to be right by the living room)- store any mail that you need to get back to, such as bills, in a wall mounted file folder or a regular, non wall-mounted one, and make sure to immediately throw out any mail that you don't need into the small garbage bin! This will help IMMENSELY in preventing any mail clutter from gathering in your living room and taking over your coffee table.  
  6. And lastly...decor! Once you've decluttered, minimized, organized, cleaned, and re-homed everything in your living room, we recommend getting some small decor- only to place on flat surfaces such as your coffee table or the tops of bookshelves. The reasoning behind this is that flat surfaces tend to attract a lot of clutter, but if there is something taking over that space already (even if it's something small, like a vase or a picture frame), the space will already be "taken". This is also a great way to personalize and design your own space, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your newly organized living room and will be motivated to keep it that way!

And that's that! Let us know how you guys like to organize your living rooms- we hope this helps!


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