Habits of Organized People

What many of us don’t realize is that it doesn’t take as much effort as you think to stay organized. There are many small, simple steps you can take that will keep things in order for you and make life much easier! Make these following habits a part of your daily routine and watch how much simpler life can get:

  1. Keep your phone, keys, earphones, etc in one designated spot by the front or back door (whichever door you use most frequently) so that you don’t have to ask that dreaded question ever again- “where are my keys?!”. Use a bowl or a small, decorative basket to store these items and make them easy to grab and go with.


2. Take care of your mail daily- as soon as you get home, go through your mail near a garbage can or shredder (or, better yet, keep a garbage can right next to your door so you can throw out your unneeded mail immediately). Throw out/shred what you don’t need, and file what you do need (bills, etc). If you can’t pay a bill or take care of a certain piece of mail right then and there, file it away into an organized folder and make sure to get back to it at least once a week. Once you do, throw it out or shred those papers as well.

Mail Organizing

3. Have a garbage can in each room: Make sure you have a large garbage can in a room like a kitchen, and keep smaller ones in your other rooms in order to prevent garbage from building up in those rooms. This will allow you easy access to the cans rather than needing to go to a separate room.

4. Keep your car as empty as possible, and use a bin such as InstaCrate- every day, make sure to take out any garbage from your car that you created throughout the day (wrappers, empty cups, etc). Keep the glove compartment clear as well! Only use it for car essentials- car papers, a pen, some napkins, etc. Use a collapsible bin in your trunk such as InstaCrate to store groceries, kids’ outdoor toys for the park, and any essentials- this makes it easy to remove things from your car.

5. Make to-do lists! Make yourself a to-do list every day of all tasks that need to get done. You can do this in a small notebook, or use the notes app on your phone (basically all phones have a “notes” app). Check things off as you get them done, and try to get them done as soon as you can!

To Do mail list

6. Follow the “2 minute rule” by David Allen: if you think of a task that can be done in two minutes, do it then and there! It takes longer to write it on a to-do list and plan it out than it does to complete it. This is a huge time saver in the long run

7. Keep a weekly donation basket by your door- this will prevent unnecessary clutter from building up in your home, and will allow you to get rid of items without feeling like you’re “throwing them away”. Put those items from the basket and into a bag to donate them periodically, any time the basket becomes full.

Donation basket

8. Clean out your email inbox daily- once a day, while you’re browsing Instagram or Facebook, take a couple of minutes to delete and sort through any emails that you received that day. This will prevent your inbox from becoming too full, and will keep you up to date on any emails you need to address. (Bonus: unsubscribe from any emails that you don’t need!)

9. Make your bed every morning! This might not make sense to everyone- after all, you’re just going to get right back in bed at night, right? But starting your day by making your bed has a few good benefits: it begins your day with one small accomplishment, it allows you to complete tasks on the bed such as folding laundry, and it keeps things from getting lost in the sheets. Bonus: it just looks really nice.

10. If you want to rewear something, hang it up, don’t throw it on the floor: We often tend to throw clothes that we plan to rewear onto the floor or onto our chair, and it becomes very cluttered. If you plan to rewear something and not put it in the laundry, hang it up on a hook on your wall or even something as simple as a small ladder- the ladder has multiple spots to hang multiple pieces of clothing.

11. Create zones: Create specific “zones” for your stuff- for example, have a specific spot for your coats, shoes, coffee (you can put a coffee maker, creamer, and sugar into one small corner on your counter, for example), etc. These areas will be easy to access and help you keep things where they belong.

12. And lastly- give everything a home! Make sure that everything you own has a “home”- a place where it belongs. Whether it’s utensils, your kids’ toys, your shoes, your office supplies...anything. Once you’re done with something, it should have a spot to go back to- and finding things shouldn’t take long if everything has a home.