Spring Cleaning, Organizing Edition: Your Bedroom!


It’s that time of year...the time when we start to wear lighter jackets and feel hopeful for the spring. You know, you’re driving around with your windows cracked juuust a little because the 55 degree weather isn’t quite warm enough to open them all the way, but you just wanna feel it. You know what all of this means? You guessed it- spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning can be a huge pain in the butt for a lot of people. After all, it’s the big cleanout- not just a weekly dusting. A big advantage of spring cleaning, though, is how good it feels to get rid of all of the crap you don’t use, and how fresh you feel when it’s all over- mentally and physically. You won’t need to worry about all the clutter anymore!

Where do you begin? Well, first, we recommend making the experience a fun one. Whether that means blasting music throughout your house or inviting friends and/or family over to help, make it enjoyable. This makes the entire process much more bearable. Then...go for it, room by room! Over the next few posts, I’ll go through ways you can organize each room in your house. In this post, we’ll start off wiiiith...your bedroom!


Ahh...bedrooms. The place you go to relax, sleep, and bum it up. A room that should preferably be clean and put together, so that you don’t need to worry about any clutter or messes. A messy space can lead to a messy, stressed out you- don’t let your bedroom do that to you! Here are a few tips on organizing your bedroom for spring cleaning.

  • Clothing:

    • Go through all of your clothing, type by type- find items you haven’t worn in awhile (a good tip is to purge pieces of clothing that you haven’t touched this past winter, despite them being in your winter stash- obviously you won’t be using these the way you thought you would) and either throw them out or donate them if they’re still in good condition.

    • Paring down on clothing really helps clear out space in drawers, helps you realize if you need any clothing for the upcoming season, and allows you to recognize your specific style!

    • If you can’t bear to part with a certain piece of clothing, we recommend putting any clothes like this into a storage bin, labeling it, and coming back to it in 6 months to a year to assess whether or not you really need those clothes.

    • Leave out clothes appropriate for the current season in an accessible area of your drawers and/or closet(s), and store the remaining clothes either further back in your drawers or in separate bins to keep them out of the way. You can make use of drawer dividers for any difficult to organize drawers, such as undergarment drawers!

  • Closets:

    • This goes hand in hand with clothing, since, you know...clothes go in your closet. However, they can’t just be chucked in there! Try to keep your clothing organized, so choosing clothes every day is a breeze. Keep like-items together (long sleeves with long sleeves, pants with pants, dresses with dresses...etc), and keep ‘em neat.

    • A good way to save space and keep your closet looking nice is by using velvet hangers. Velvet hangers keep your clothes from slipping off, and the matching aspect allows you to save space. Bulky and mismatching hangers can clutter up a closet real quick.

    • For shoes, we recommend using clear plastic shoe boxes, especially for shoes that you don’t wear very frequently. Store them on a shelf in your closet, or stack them neatly near the back. If you’re pressed for space in your closet, try getting an over the door shoe organizer- this way you’ll have extra room in your closet for your clothes!

    • For items like ties, belts, scarves, etc, there are creative ways you can store these items. Installing something inside the walls of your closet like a tie and belt rack is a great way to keep your ties and belts organized. You can also use that rack for scarves and caps! Or, get something like a scarf hanger.  

  • Desk/Vanity:

    • If you have a vanity in your bedroom (for makeup and cosmetics), we recommend decluttering and purging anything that is old or unused. It might be tough at first, but you’ll be surprised at how relieving it is to see all of your favorite items in a neat place. Use something like a cosmetic and jewelry organizer to keep all of your items together!

    • If you have a desk in your bedroom, don’t keep too much on it- declutter any extra useless decor on there and keep it looking tidy. You can keep something like a desk organizer on there to keep your pens, notepads, etc in one easy place. I use a desk organizer and it’s fantastic.

  • And...under the bed!

    • Okay, so. Oftentimes, we recommend keeping underneath your bed free from clutter. However, if you’re pressed for space (small apartment, for example) you can definitely use the area- as long as you use it properly. If you have anything under there, purge and declutter first, as always! Then, you can use things like an under the bed storage organizer to store any extra items (seasonal clothing, a bin for memories, weights that you work out with...etc). Label these bins to make them easy to spot and pull out, and you’ll be good to go. I personally use an under bed storage container to keep my memories in, since I don’t have an attic to use for myself and have to keep all of my items in my bedroom. I love it.

...Once you finish decluttering and organizing your bedroom, go at it with some cleaning products, and bam: spring cleaning for your bedroom is done!


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