Top Organizing Products We Use & Love

Here are some of our most favorite products that we as professionals use on a daily basis. I seriously frikken love all these products and believe in every last product on this list. They have helped us give our clients the best and most organized spaces.
Remember if you don't use it, then its not useful...But these products are really useful.

  1. S-Hooks

We just love s-hooks, they have so many helpful uses. You can hang jeans or use them on a shelf for extra hanging storage. The possibilities are endless. They even come in different sizes.

  2.  Lazy Susan

You can make any corner cabinet or deep cabinet functional with lazy susans. They come in all different sizes and colors.  Add them to any cabinet that is causing problems and you instantly have full reach of all your products.

3. Clear Iris Bins

We use these products more than any others.  Our most used sizes are Shoebox and Double Shoebox. They make it easy to see what you have stored inside. The clear lid is the best. Most other bins have white or blue lids but these are completely clear to see everything.

4. Shoe Space Savers - Shoe Slots

These bad boys will more than triple your closet space!! They save so much more space than any product we have used.  They are simply amazing.

5. Mason Jars

Mason jars come in every size you can think of.  You can use them in your pantry to store food, your bathroom, your office all over your home.

l7. Wooden Drawer Dividers

These are easy to install and they last for years.  We've been using them for years to separate socks and underwear.

8. File Bin

This file bin is light and simple, so you can carry it from room to room. In the near future, paper work is going to be extinct.  We already have to keep less and less paper because we have access to it online. So keep the limited papers you need in an easy accessible file bin.

9. Label Maker

Do I have to explain?  When you label, it makes it more permanent.  When something has a label putting it away makes it effortless. Printing labels with a label maker is neater than most people's handwriting. Brother also has good label tape.


10.Closet Shelf

This nearly doubles any space that you use it in.

11. Key Chain Knife

This knife has come in handy so many times when there aren't scissors or sharp objects. This is a wonderful gift idea.  It looks like a key!!!

12. Command Hooks

These can be use ANYWHERE without leaving a mark or hole. They are multipurpose and amazing.

13. Velcro

Instead of putting holes in your wall to hang pictures you can use VELCRO!!! You can also use velcro to hang almost anything that doesn't necessarily "go on a wall"


14. Lysol Wipes 

Okay so lysol wipes are the best best best and most convenient cleaning product.  You can pull one out and clean dirt and grime without searching for paper towels and you kill germs.  The only thing I would not use a lysol wipe on is nice wood furniture ( 409 is best cleaner for wood antiques - Nancy, Atlantique Furniture Restoration 35 years in business )


15. Cable Ties 

You can use these cable ties with ease and you can reuse them.  They are by far the easiest way to organize your wires and cords.


** I would like everyone here to be aware that Klutter Free Me is an affiliate of amazon.  We truly believe in the products we use and recommend. We also believe that amazon is one of the greatest sites to purchase products because they are tons of products and you get get them right to your home very quickly.