4 Hour Package

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4 Hour Package

from 280.00

This 4 hour package is great for smaller projects or spaces! Enjoy the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer. Package includes labeling, sorting, categorizing, and shopping. No one ever said they regret having their home organized, right? You can add additional organizers to speed up the project as needed!

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4 Hour Organizing Package

  • Choose from one to three organizers depending on the project size and deadline (extra organizers will speed up the project)

  • Price includes a free, one hour consultation

  • Minimum of 4 hours per session (the whole 4 hours must be used for one session)

  • Expires one year from the date of purchase

  • Full payment is due prior to the first session

  • Any Long Island towns East of Ridge, NY will be charged Eastern end rates.

*Total price does not include any organizational supplies/products purchased by Klutter Free Me for the client, such as bins, shelving, etc. The cost of said products is covered by the client.