32 Hour Package

Klutter Free Me 32 Hour Package
Klutter Free Me 32 Hour Package

32 Hour Package

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Get your home fully organized in a total of 32 hours! Spread out the hours however you like, as long as each session is, at minimum, 4 hours long (and, at maximum, 8 hours long). This package includes one lead organizer, and additional organizers may be added. Package includes labeling, sorting, categorizing, and shopping. Let us help you, help yourself!

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32 Hour Package Includes:

  • One or more organizers

  • Price includes a free, one hour consultation

  • Minimum of 4 hours per session (spread the hours out however you like)

  • Expires one year from the date of purchase

  • Full payment is due prior to the first session

  • Any Long Island towns East of Ridge, NY will be charged Eastern end rates.

*Total price does not include any organizational supplies/products purchased by Klutter Free Me for the client, such as bins, shelving, etc. The cost of said products is covered by the client.